if you’ve landed on this page, the question you’re probably asking yourself after the most obvious one (Who’s writing? Scroll down to get to know the DeltalogiX team) is “Why should I read one of your articles?”.  Because if you’re interested in the topics we’ve chosen, you probably work closely with the digital world and know that constant updating is essential to make informed choices.

When we decided to start this blog, we didn’t want to add more content on already much discussed topics such as technologies and digital, but to offer you a summary made up of infographics and text.

This way, in a short time, you will be able to have a clear and immediate overview of a technology, software or process and decide whether it suits your business.

Our content

We will cover topics in the company that affect processes, employee management, and all those levers that are useful for increasing profit and helping leaders tackle future innovations with the right approach. In addition, you will find in-depth analysis and research to gain insight into specific topics.

You’ll read about:

Digital Transformation
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things

DeltalogiX: because knowledge also passes through the name

DeltalogiX was not born as a personal blog but as a virtual place for sharing opinions, experiences, and reflections with a single objective: to bridge the “Delta”, or rather the gap in technological knowledge that is indispensable in the decision-making process and in strategic choices aimed at increasing performance.

Online knowledge can only pass through the word, “Logos”, and its logical paths through which we will create articles that simplify, without ever trivialising, concepts that are sometimes complex and often interconnected.

We draw inspiration from classical Greek philosophy, where “logos” translates as “thought”, “word”, and refers to reasoned discourse that manifests a thought. These two concepts – bridging the knowledge gap (Delta) and curating words (Logos) – inspired us to choose the name.

However, we also wanted something that evoked the type of content we disseminate: and so the D and X were capitalised, as they stand for Digital Transformation.

Enjoy reading,

DeltalogiX team

Linda Grasso
Founder & CEO

Carmen Di Nardo
Content Manager

Federica Capasso
Graphic Designer

tiziana Montanino

Pierluigi Granata

Pierluigi Granata
DIGITAL strategist

Antonio Grasso